Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Search i just did

I was trying to get my automotive site searched for on there and they couldn't find it. Everyhting I got didn't even apply. Seems to be a common occurance there so I am not sure whay anyone would find this service useful at all. It is really frustrating to work with some of those guides and it is SO SLOW.

Great Days Ahead

Looking through the blogger community I have actually found the way to track incoming links since there isn't really a way to do it here. Apparently Technorati is a great way to do this. This post is to get them to spider my account and get me some more information so that I can take care of this blog better.

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The internet is serious business and searching for things online with a guide is not. It would take a complete moron to find the search with guide feature useful. The guides are actually pretty inept as well. IT would take a million celebrities to get this thing off the ground.

Barf Bags

My buddy Jimi seems to think that being a ChaCha Guide is like letting someone rape your sister and then paying them for it. I tend to agree. It is great for entertainment purposes, but obviously not big for making money.

Picking up cans ont he side of the highway is more rewarding really and takes a lot less time.


The ChaChaBarfbag is exactly what it says. ChaCha Pranksters run the show and there are many better options out there for guides.